"Thanks for the amazing class session on Tuesday night.  Honestly, this was one of the most phenomenal classroom experiences I can remember as a professor or student - truly anointed in both content and presentation."

Chris Adams, Ph.D. 
Executive Director from the Center of Vocational Ministry, and
Professor of Pastoral Counseling


"Dr. Tony Baron quite literally gets to the heart of what matters most in leadership and delivers an inspirational and instructional message on our ability to transform ourselves, our colleagues, the world of business and the greater global community through living a life of servant leadership."

Jennifer Juhl
Human Resources Executive
Fortune 500 Defense Industry


"Tony doesn't want to teach you leadership tricks, he wants to form you as a transformative-leader with the posture and integrity to bring the finest out of others, produce lasting results, and finish the race with strength. Tony is gifted in servant and transformative-leadership development. No one has taught me more about leadership that lasts. "

Greg Lynn
Church Planter & Coach
Epiphany Anglican Mission, Peoria, IL
Canon for Church Planting,
Diocese of Quincy


"Dr. Tony Baron has left a lasting impression on me as a professional and at one point as my professor in graduate school. As the Director and Associate Professor of Azusa Pacific Seminary, Dr. Baron comes alongside people with humility, expertise and a passion to see them grow holistically, spiritually and professionally. He is committed to passing on all he’s learned experientially and educationally (which is extensive) and possesses the ability to synergize them well; meeting people where they are and ensuring they don’t stay there. Dr. Baron encourages growth and is committed to inspiring others to pursue leadership and life at the highest level. I am a different person, inspired to pursue greatness and leave a legacy because of his influence in my life. "

Danielle Demko
Director of Training and Development
Rock Church San Diego


“Tony Baron exemplifies and practices servant leadership as well as anyone I know. In our broken world where people step on each other to get ahead, we need voices like Tony to remind us that the way up is to be the servant of all.”

Rev. Nate Landis, Ph.D.
President/Founder of Urban Youth Collaborative


"Through his insightful writings, inspirational speaking, and personal engagement, it became clear to me that Dr. Tony Baron is a world class leader whose wisdom and guidance is profound.  I learned powerful lessons about character, passion, commitment, and servant leadership. " 

Jeff Foley
President of Loral Mountain Solutions and
 co-author of Rules and Tools for Leaders


“I am a global activist that is not the easiest person for strong leaders to love. I am opinionated, unorthodox, dissenting, critical and creative.  Dr. Tony Baron has walked with me for years... and I have only experienced support, affection, delight, encouragement and empowerment.  He is a rare leader of leaders.”

Dr. Tony Kriz
Author of Aloof and Neighbors and


"In today's world, people will doubt what we say but they have to believe what we do.  I deeply appreciate Tony Baron's example of walking the talk as a servant leader to those who know him and to our broader community.  I am blessed and thankful to call him my friend."

Nicholas  Yphantides, MD, MPH
Azusa Pacific University Trustee
Chief Medical Officer of San Diego County


“While the COO of Lead Like Jesus I had the opportunity to work directly with Dr. Tony Baron. Every time we worked together, I knew that I was with someone who holds great insight into Servant Leadership. Dr. Baron not only knows the subject but lives it as well.”

Tommy Moore
CEO Tommy, Inc.


"Many people talk these days about empowering others - but doing it is often harder than it seems. Getting to know Tony over the last decade shows me his commitment to using his personal, professional and academic influence both to empower others, and encourage others to do the same: the very essence of servant leadership."
                                            Gareth Robinson
        Leader Glo Church, Manchester UK and
               New Wine Head of Church Planting


"Having had the opportunity to attend 8+ meetings of Dr. Tony Baron's Servant Leadership seminars and witnessed the effect he has on others, including myself, I can unreservedly attest to his ability to change attitudes and lives. Tony has helped me become a truer reflection of what God wants by introducing me to the concept of Service Leadership. This has had a major impact on how I view my role in this world. Tony is a refreshing speaker who lives and walks the talk. He is a true inspiration to all."  

David R. Evans
D-J-Evans, Corporation


“Through his books and his teaching the wisdom and the heart of Dr. Tony Baron has transformed our organization. His insights, experience and authenticity as a leader who serves first have profoundly and permanently influenced our people.” 

Chris Megison
President and CEO, Solutions for Change


“I am sure you get this a lot…but, thanks for writing the book, The Art of Servant Leadership. I have been using this book for 6 years with my students in an online, Graduate Educational Leadership course.  Time and time again they thank me for it.” 

Maude Yacapsin, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Graduate Education
 Messiah College

"Tony Baron is a fantastic presenter who equips and inspires leaders to serve for the sake of others. Tony Baron has a unique ability to connect with his audience and inspire them toward greater levels of excellence and service. Tony Baron is an inspiring speaker.  He clearly communicates and connects with his clients to elevate them to higher levels of engagement, performance, and service."

Mark Kalpakgian
Director of Strategic Partnerships
The Classical Academies


"Dr. Tony Baron demonstrates every principle of servant leadership that he teaches. That is because the leadership he presents starts with the intentions of the heart and is reflected in the actions he takes. No matter what title, if any, a person may carry, Dr. Baron approaches everyone as the most important person he could be speaking to at that time."

Eric Bryan
United States Navy Chaplain


"Dr. Tony Baron is a prolific writer, but not only that, he is the epitome of a servant leader and mentor. Even though I don't see him often, when I connect again, it's like there was no lost time — because he is a man who genuinely cares. He is someone I would recommend to family and friends as an ideal mentor and example of a godly man."

Rick Monroe
Editor-in-Chief, Good News, Etc.


“Tony Baron brings to the table a background of training, teaching, and ministering. He is an authority on the subject of leadership that is unsurpassed. His servant-leadership is articulate, and his writings inspire many to follow Christ. I count it an honor to call him my friend and colleague in ministry.”

Colonel Lemuel M. Boyles


“I have had the honor and pleasure of being a student of Dr Baron for the last year at Azusa Pacific Seminary.  Dr. Baron's extensive knowledge and insight into servant leadership, corporate culture, and social and spiritual development is only matched by his genuine care and compassion for his students, and those he prepares for leadership in business, ministry, and civic life.  Dr. Baron's wisdom and direction has not only helped me in my professional development as a leader, but also personally and emotionally as he has supported me in my spiritual formation in Christ. “

Christian Gillete
Executive Recruiter
Current student at Azusa Pacific Seminary


"When I first started my Master of Divinity program, I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous to start a master’s program and skeptical of my own ability to work at a higher academic level. However, almost five years in and nearing graduation (yes, it has taken me some extra time!), I really wish I could stay in Azusa Pacific Seminary a little longer. Of all my professors, Dr. Tony Baron has had a tremendous impact on the way I view God, ministry, discipleship and relationships. Dr. Baron loves his students and demonstrates a genuine concern for their spiritual growth and walk with God. While seminary is academically rigorous, Azusa Pacific University faculty in San Diego clearly strive to facilitate the spiritual growth of the students. Dr. Baron’s care, commitment and generosity of time and spirit for the students have had huge and lasting impacts on the Kingdom of God. 

2nd Lieutenant. Jeffrey Triesch
United States Army