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For over 30 years, Dr. Baron has been a thought leader on the impact of power on people, organizations, communities and societies.  His message inspires and motivates leaders to achieve results without compromising human dignity.  

Whether he is speaking at a convention arena or in a small group setting, his desire is to serve the needs of the event or organization.  Dr. Baron works closely with planners to develop content that aligns with the vision, mission, and key objectives to add lasting value.  His message connects deeply with both emerging leaders and seasoned executives.  West Point cadets, leadership conference attendees, and leaders in the wake of crises like the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Building, the Columbine High School massacre, and the attack on The World Trade Center have been inspired by his message.  Dr. Baron is a bearer of hope who reminds all leaders to maintain a non-anxious presence and to be guided by their moral compass.

As a theologian and ordained Anglican priest and canon, Dr. Baron is also called to share his leadership message to the faith-based community.  Based on his books, The Art of Servant Leadership (2010) and The Cross and The Towel (2011), he urges Christian leaders to set aside ego and ambition, and use their positional power for the sake of others.

Audiences large and small, corporate, academic, and faith-based alike leave Dr. Baron’s speaking engagements both inspired and equipped with actionable tools for personal effectiveness and lasting organizational success.


Tony Baron is a rare find … he is one of our generation’s greatest thinkers and most captivating speakers, while at the same time, he is one of the least pretentious and most “other’s focused” people I know. As well, when it comes to having fun and tearing things up a bit, don’t be surprised if Tony isn’t somewhere at the root of it!    

R. J. Kelly, ChFC, CLU, IAR, MSFS 
Founder & Chief Visionary Officer -Wealth Legacy Family of Companies™ 
 Co-Founder & Executive Chair -The Center for Wealth & Legacy™



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