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Dr. Baron has been actively engaged in leadership consulting for over 30 years.  He has served non-profits, privately-held companies and 75 of America’s Fortune 100 companies. Combining a background in psychology and organizational development, he offers unique insight into the challenges faced by leaders of the 21st century.  Years of managing a consultant practice and holding board positions have given him practical, behind-the-desk perspective.



Many organizations try to dictate culture through mission statements, values, and carefully-written policies and procedures.  But, these attempts fall painfully short when what is written is not modeled.  Dr. Baron teaches that leaders are Cultural Architects©.  He has developed a four-stage model for how Cultural Architects© can intentionally shape cultures that inspire, equip, and galvanize your organization to achieve sustainable success. 



In addition to public speaking, Dr. Baron provides one-on-one executive coaching and leadership consulting. Simply put, leadership rolls downhill. Coaching is the most effective antidote to the distractions and obstacles that take us away from effective leadership. Dr. Baron begins by focusing on the mission, vision and values of the company and then help executives align their behavior and performance in a way to best serve the company’s needs.


Success comes when you turn your IQ into your I DO; you must turn what you believe into what you live.

Dr. Tony Baron