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As an acclaimed leadership consultant, executive coach, psychologist, theologian, professor and author, Dr. Baron draws on his wide experience to impart inspiration and actionable tools for personal effectiveness and lasting organizational success. Audiences large and small, corporate, academic, and faith-based alike leave Dr. Baron’s speaking engagements and classrooms with new insight and eager to put what they’ve learned into practice.


A tireless advocate for servant leadership, Tony Baron challenges leaders to meet the demands of the 21st century through service to others.  He is an inspirational scholar and thought leader, and I'm pleased to call him my friend.   

Ken Blanchard
Co-author of The One Minute Manager® and Lead Like Jesus


For over 30 years, Dr. Baron has worked with individuals from all walks of life and companies from all industries. He offers unique insights into the challenges faced by leaders of the 21st century.



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